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The sight of a security dog and handler is an incredibly effective deterrent to criminal activity, making any potential criminals and vandals think twice before entering your site or property. With our randomly scheduled patrol services, we ensure people know your site is protected out of hours by a fully trained security dog and fully licensed handler. 
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K9 Security Teams


Our K9 security services are dedicated to keeping people, premises and valuables safe, our dogs are highly experienced in working in a variety of environments such as concerts, festivals, airports and schools.

Whether it be detection dogs or guard dogs you are looking for, here at Mane K9 Security Services, we have all the dog security services you could need. Choosing to have a highly experienced, specially trained guard dog patrolling your site, can improve security and reduce any cost against multiple static guards.

All our security staff are fully accredited, SIA licensed and DBS/CRB checked, ensuring you get the highest quality service.


Industry leading K9 security services. 

from a trusted security company.